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    AUSTRALIA JOINS PROCUREMENT PACT AT WTO: Australia has become the 48th member of the World Trade Organization's Government Procurement Agreement, an addition that could add up to $100 billion to the current $1.7 trillion worth of procurement covered under the deal, a Geneva source said Monday.


    The GPA is a so-called plurilateral deal, meaning it is potentially open to all WTO members but binding only for those who join. Its goal is to further open up government procurement markets to foreign competition and make them more transparent.

    加拿大政府采購協定(GPA)委員會主席卡洛斯范德盧(Carlos Vanderloo)表示,澳大利亞的加入“增加了GPA的價值,增強了GPA的強度”。

    Canada's Carlos Vanderloo, who chairs the GPA committee, said the addition of Australia "adds value to and strengthens the GPA."

    向WTO 2.0邁進:在日內瓦的其他新聞中,白宮經濟顧問委員會(Council of Economic Advisers)主席凱文.哈西特(Kevin Hassett)周三在華盛頓就特朗普政府正在考慮的全球貿易機構改革發表了講話。到目前為止,有兩種想法包括讓成員國采取更“對稱的行為”,以及探索可能懲罰貿易違規國家的方式。

    Heading toward WTO 2.0: In other Geneva news, Kevin Hassett, the chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, spoke on Wednesday in Washington about reforms the Trump administration is considering for the global trading body. Two ideas so far include moving members toward more "symmetrical behavior" and exploring ways to potentially punish countries for trade transgressions.

    作者: MEGAN CASSELLA(梅根.卡塞拉)